On 24 April 2012, the Libyan Desert Expedition Team successfully completed the very first 3,700 kilometer circumnavigation of the Egyptian Desert.

The expedition took a route never before explored along E 26 in the Great Sand Sea of Egypt.

Two previously undocumented and recorded sites related to the British Long Range Desert Group (LRDG) were discovered and a pre-pharonic watchtower, a round settlement structure and directional markers were discovered on a plateau approximately 90 kilometers north of Aqaba Pass in the Gilf el- Kibir.

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Project Goal
  1. Demonstrate that advances in satellite imagery can be used to directly locate specific targets of interest.
  2. To search for new, unknown ruins and cultural sites in a previously unexplored area of the Great Sand Sea in the Libyan Desert North of the Gilf el Kibir
  3. To search for possible traces of ancient settlements and trading routes
Project Team

  • Toby Savage, Expedition Organizer
  • Mahmoud Marai, Expedition Leader &; Desert Explorer
  • John Carroll, Technical Advisor
  • Rick Pewe, Geologist & Mechanical Advisor
  • Sam Watson,  Historical Advisor
  • Karl-Gunnar Noren, Historian
  • Robert J Atwater, Field Investigator
  • Jason Paterniti, Field Investigator
  • Dr. Albert Lin, Technical Advisor, Director , National Geographic Engineers for Exploration Program
  • Dr. Nathan Ricklin, Field System Engineer, The Exploration Lab
  • Mohammed Sabry, Cook
  • Tarek Abd El Fatah, Mechanic and Cook
  • Islam Samir, Iveco Driver
  • Mohammed Fawzy Military Liason
  • Sherief Hassan, Police Liason