Our Mission

Conserve at-risk species and places in their natural environments.

We are The Global Exploration & Oceanographic
Society (GEOS), a 501 C 3 Public Charity

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What we do

We provide direct financial, active management and infrastructure support to projects and organizations which meet our investment criteria.

We believe that proper due diligence is critical in making informed investment decisions be they for profit or charitable.

As a not-for-profit organization, we invest our own capital in each project we support.

To achieve scale, we use our investment to attract others to “co-invest” in the projects which meet our due diligence criteria.

As part of our due diligence we consider whether a prospective Partner or Project has adequately identified:


  • A problem that they are comparatively advantaged to solve
  • A realistic plan- the “Credibility Test”
  • Measurable performance targets and outcomes
  • A sustainable model and a realistic exit plan

If a Project or Partner meets our due diligence criteria  GEOS may provide short or medium term funding , active management and or infrastructure support required to help the conservation managers achieve their objectives.