Our Partners

The Peace Parks Foundation

Co-founded by Nelson Mandela, Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands and businessman Anton Rupert, PPF’s mission is to preserve and connect vast swaths of conservation land across international boundaries. This kind of “Connectivity Conservation” is critical for allowing wildlife to reestablish ancient migratory routes, preserve genetic diversity and rewild areas where animal populations have been decimated by war and poaching.

PPF now controls approximately 250 million acres of prime wilderness areas across 10 countries in southern Africa


DAG Conservation Trust

DAG Conservation Trust was founded by Colonel Lionel Dyck whose expertise spans building and leading Special Forces regiments in Zimbabwe to creating and building world respected organizations focused on anti-poaching, security, de-mining, and explosive ordnance disposal.

DAG’s involvement in wildlife conservation dates back to 1990 when DAG was asked to plan and manage anti-poaching operations for the Rhino Rescue Trust in Zimbabwe.

Since 2015, GEOS has supported the DAG which is responsible for the program management of the KNP-GLC Project in Mozambique.

WILD Foundation

The WILD Foundation was founded by the late Dr. Ian Player of South Africa who is credited with saving the white rhino from extinction in the 1960’s.

Over its 40-year history, WILD has worked to protect and connect wilderness, wildlife and people throughout the world and has a history of involvement with projects that demonstrate the value of wild nature, its ecological services, and educate people on vital ecological and conservation issues.

In 2017 GEOS signed a Conservation Collaboration Agreement (CCA) with WILD. Our new alliance with WILD will allow us to further leverage and expand our wildlife conservation fund raising efforts going forward.

UCSD Engineers for Exploration

With international collaborators in ecology, conservation, and archaeology, we apply remote imaging, sensing, and robotic technologies to extend the limits of human exploration.

GEOS first worked with E4E in 2012 on the Libyan Desert Expedition and have been collaborating on the Maya Archaeology Project since 2014